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South Korea (Part 4: Train to Busan)

After a few days in Seoul we took the KTX to Busan which for those of you who don’t know is a city positioned at the south east of the Korean peninsula and if I’m honest I am going to struggle to recall the majority of this trip as the first thing we did after dropping our bags off in our hostel was go out and grab a litre bottle of rice wine each – this bacame the running theme for our few days in Busan.  The KTX from Seoul to Busan takes roughly 3 hours if I remember correctly, and if you have the time it’s definitely worth the visit.


By a stroke of luck, Max and I landed ourselves in Busan at the time of the Busan film festival which is probably the biggest Asian film festival on the continent, it also meant that it was a little harder to find accommodation, but on the upside, the atmosphere was incredible.


When we arrived in Busan we got lost for a good while before eventually making our way to the the hostel which had the cutest cat ever.


Busan is a coastal city, it seemed to us relatively quiet after coming from the bustling city of Seoul so it was a nice break.  Despite the fact that the film festival was running there still wasn’t much noise of a night, it was a pretty relaxing few days.  For the most part we drank a lot of rice wine, ate a lot of good food (some weird food too) and watched movies on Haeundae beach.  Most of the nights we were pretty drunk; I remember one night returning to the hostel after drinking a couple of litres of rice wine with Max on the beach, and when I got into bed with a two litre bottle of water I couldn’t stop thinking that I was a sailor on a ship – there is no other reason for this other than a lot of rice wine.  The hostel we stayed in was really great, it had a nice atmosphere, it was clean, but god damn did it get warm of a night – I woke up a few times thinking I was at the centre of the earth enveloped in molten magma.


One really memorable experience we had was travelling to Beomeosa temple on the outskirts of Busan, I think it was the last stop on one of the metro lines.  We did a temple stay and spent a couple of nights at the temple, meditating, eating with the monks and hiking.  The temple stay in Beomeosa was a great experience and one I will always remember so I would highly advise others to do the same.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this segment and I hope it has given you some idea on what Busan is like.  While we’re on the topic of Busan and it is also halloween, I thought it would be worth mentioning a topical movie which is perfect for halloween; the movies is called ‘Train to Busan’, this South Korean produced zombie movie has some classic roots but with a South Korean twist which amplifies the quality and suspense of the movie.  Me and Becky watched this a few weeks ago and were impressed, I’ve recently heard Ali Plum on BBC radio 1 recommend this film.





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