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#99 Thornbridge Eldon – A Slice of Treacle Tart and a Glass of Kentucky Bourbon

Review #99 – Thornbridge Eldon 92/100

I have decided to keep this review like the beer – short and sweet.  I think some of my reviews are a bit wordy, this is mostly due to me being enveloped in the drink which causes me to rabbit on – but I realise that most of the time, the bullet points are all you need.


Appearance: viscous and treacle like producing a deep brown head about two fingers in depth, lively and slightly fluffy.

Nose:  Dark roast coffee, burnt sugar, toasted pecans, dark chocolate and charred oak.

Palate:  An initial hit of rich dark chocolate laced with robust milky coffee followed by sweet stewed plums and treacle tart.  The more delicate flavours present are that of creamy pralines, charred oak, dark roast malt with a little spice similar to star anise, cinnamon and liquorice.  The finish of the Eldon is well rounded with flavours of sweet aromatic vanilla, nutmeg and Kentucky Bourbon.

Conditioning the Eldon in a Bourbon cask has really done this beer a favour, producing one of my favourite beers of 2016.





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