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#100! Glen Marnoch 28 – The Best Whisky I’ve Had This Year…and it’s from Aldi

Review #100 – Glen Marnoch 28 Year Old 96/100

The time has come for me to do my 100th review, I was looking for something special to mark this milestone and I have found it.  I had a few bottles lined up to choose from, most of which were fantastic, some bottles costing over £100 – so imagine my surprise when I sat down with this £39.99 bottle from Aldi and said to myself “it has to be this”.


Nobody aside from executives and buyers at Aldi know where this whisky is from, for the moment at least, so all we can do is nose, taste and draw conclusions from that; what I will say is that this is a special whisky, and I don’t mean special by Aldi’s standards I mean special on the global whisky scale.  I had heard from someone that this whisky is from Glenfarclas which got me excited but immediately the whisky didn’t scream Glenfarclas, to be honest it didn’t even whimper it…I am going to look like a right arse if this is Glenfarclas.  Anyway, let’s get on with the tasting.

Appearance: Dark walnut in colour, full bodied, with a swirl of the glass a prominant necklace is formed from which slow legs creep down the glass for days.

Nose:  An enveloping walnut dominance is the first aroma to present itself, followed by sweet caramelised pecans, old leather, fresh car tyres and sticky raisins.  There is a touch of sweet spice including nutmeg, clove and something else I just can’t put my finger on, this combination produces a flavour reminiscent of brandy soaked Christmas pudding.

Palate: An overall sweet palate with a slight bitterness, again this reminds me of the outer more bitter part of a walnut.  The whisky has a decadent full mouth feel, chewy with notes of spiced fruit cake.

Finish: More dried fruit, juicy raisins, develops into a rich spiced fruit cake with a touch of bitter dark chocolate leading on to robust flavours of old oak and tobacco leaf with a moderate dryness.

I have sat here with this bottle for a while now, three drams in trying to break it down and unravel its code and I think I am happy with my notes.  To conclude, this is a very special whisky, it has aged well and it is apparent from the offset it has come from good casks.  I honestly can’t fault a single thing about it, I have tried it alongside a 24 year old Sauternes cask Glen Moray and a 20 year old Chateau Lafitte cask Strathmill and I have to say it is the best and cheapest of the three.  After a couple of nights of tasting I want to say it’s a Mortlach, however I am no expert, but I can say this is possibly the best bargain of the year, not only is it worth £40 I’d say it is worth double that.  So get down to Aldi and get yourself a bottle, unless you’re from Liverpool then feel free to leave the rest for me 😉

If you manage to get a bottle of this, enjoy it and savour it, it has been a pleasure having this whisky for my 100th review.








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