Beijing: Highlights Part 1

My fiancee Becky’s piece on our trip to Beijing from the perspective of someone who hadn’t previously visited China.

I’ve wanted to go to China for as long as I can remember. The culture, history, landscapes, food, and language all intrigue me, and the country is so large that all of these things are also different depending on where in China you are. Anyway, almost 2 months back now, on the 11th January, my fiancé and I, Matt, flew from Amsterdam to Beijing, and I had my first experience of China. Hopefully my first of many!

We took a 5:30am flight from Amsterdam Schiphol airport on the 11th, and arrived in Beijing around 4:00am the next day local time (time difference of 7 hours). The travel experience was great! Firstly we took a flight from Amsterdam to Ukraine, and there was only about 20 of us on it. From there the plane filled with Chinese people, so it got a little crazier, but was an enjoyable…

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