I’m Matt Workman and this is my blog – follow me as I explore the world through travel

I’m Matt and the girl in the picture below is my fiancee, Becky.  In January 2017 we both resigned from our jobs in the UK, packed our bags and jumped on a plane.  It’s now over a year later, a lot has happened, and we still haven’t looked back.  We wanted to live the dream…So we did.


Neither of us came from rich backgrounds, we didn’t have high paying jobs, and it was a  long struggle to save up enough money to fund the first part of our trip: loans had to be paid off, bills needed to be paid, and we needed to make sure we had enough money to stop us falling at the first hurdle; even just leaving a stable job for something as uncertain as travel had us questioning whether we were making the right decision.  Up to now, we’ve been successful, and it goes to show that if you want to travel the world and you’re not loaded, you can still do it, albeit a bit differently…but that can also mean better!

Despite both having a fair bit of travelling under our belts, we’d only previously done a little bit of travelling together, so long-term travelling as a couple was something very new to the both of us.  I can’t speak for Becky, but travelling with her is a million times better than travelling on my own, and now I couldn’t even imagine being away from her for a day.

After leaving the UK we travelled to Amsterdam, then onto Asia, and eventually found ourselves in Australia, something we never planned on happening.  8 months of our time in Australia was spent working on apple orchards in Queensland, a period that had its ups and downs.  It’s mid January 2018 now, and last month we moved from Queensland to Melbourne for the next chapter of our journey.

We both love to visit new places, experience different cultures, listen to the local music, get into the tranquility of nature, dive into the hustle and bustle of chaotic cities, all whilst sampling the local food and drink…the last part is my favourite!

So, follow us on our journey.  We’re just two normal people, we don’t have thousands of followers, we don’t have a lot of money; we’re just two people with a passion for travelling and a dream to see as much as we can; after all, you only get one life, it’s a cliche saying but on that is still very true.

You can also check out Becky’s blog here

I also have a passion for whisky and craft beer.  Whenever I get a chance I always like to write reviews of what I have been drinking.  For every review I like to get a bit more in depth than most reviewers, adding a bit of information about the distillery or brewery in question.  I hope that any of you whisky, beer and travel lovers will join us on our journey.


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