Follow me on my whisky and beer fuelled journey around the world!

I am Matt and the girl with me in the picture is my fiancee Becky, we’re currently in our last few months of preparing to drop it all and go travelling.  The first stop will be Amsterdam, then on to China and we will take it from there.  Neither of us are rich, just two people who know what we want and realise how important it is to live for happiness and not just to pay the bills.


Becky is a vegan yogi who wants to go into environmental conservation, she is currently studying Business and International development, as well as working a full time job.  I am a Chemist who also loves beer, whisky and all the processes that go into making them.  On the surface we’re quite different but once you scratch beneath the surface we’re very similar.  One thing we both love is travel; we’ve each previously travelled solo, our next trip will be our first proper travelling experience together.

So, I hope you enjoy my writing and photographs and hope that you follow us on our journey around the world.

Hope to see you in the comments 🙂




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